Straight from Italy, traditional, genuine, sophisticated and absolutely delicious: Edendum is proud to present its selection of products.

Drawn from the age-old culinary tradition of Piedmont, in the Northwest of Italy, with its treasured recipes renowned all over the country, these specialties will become a must-have for your own home cooking, and a perfect gift for family or friends.
With their rich yet delicate taste, they also make the perfect ingredients for the dishes we cook at Edendum restaurant: have a look at our menus and discover some amazing combinations.

Quality is our main concern: an uncompromising selection of the best local producers makes it possible to offer top-quality foods prepared with the finest ingredients.

Transparency is our priority: we strongly believe in everyone’s right to know what they are eating. That’s why all our products have a direct QR link on the jar or packaging to the complete technical information about the contents.

Traditional production is our identity: no added preservatives, but only natural ones (oil, sugar), no GMOs.

In an era of globalisation, Edendum aims at rediscovering the taste of the real “Made in Italy”.

Why choose Edendum products
With their elegant Italian design and their superior taste, Edendum foods will delight even the most discerning consumers.
Reliable, authentic and valuable: a brand that gives quality guarantees.

Better eat better.

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