better eat better

A couple in business and in life, Diego and Lorenza are the two founders and directors of Edendum.

Both natives of Northern Italy, their journeys and life experiences abroad, combined with a strong passion for good food, inspired them to set up a business with the potential for true innovation in an area as crowded as Italian catering.

Based on their own experiences as customers and consumers, they left their previous careers in sales and marketing and embarked upon the Edendum adventure, bearing in mind that when it comes to eating well it is not just a matter of the recipes you cook or the ingredients you use, but most of all of the people preparing and consuming food.

Edendum is an Italian restaurant that is different without giving up the classic dishes that everybody loves. Drawing from a vast Italian culinary tradition means we really are spoilt for choice. That’s why our menu will give our customers a chance to discover some traditional, but less known authentic Italian recipes.

More than that with our branded products, that are also for sale, we want to use the elegance of Italian design to represent the pursuit of the finest quality. All our products feature beautifully-designed Edendum labels which reflect the excellence of the niche delicacies prepared by Piedmont’s best food manufacturers.

Our aim is to offer our patrons an Italian eating experience, made of the authentic flavours and culture of our homeland.